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Product name : Drilling Foaming Agent
Item : Foamer AS
Type : Drilling Foamer
CAS : 
Application : Foaming Agent in Air Gas Drilling
Similar to : Superfoam, Barafoam, Quick-foam
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Packages : 25Kg, 50Kg, 200Kg
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Foamer AS is is a biodegradable mixture of anionic surfactants and foam stabilizer which has been formulated as a foaming agent for air and gas drilling. Bichain is a reliable foamer manufacturer and supplier for air and gas drilling and well cleaning. High-quality drilling foaming agent like Superfoam, Barafoam and Quick-foam.
►Produces stable and consistent foam
►Biodegradable and Environmentally acceptable
►Improves penetration rates and well cleaning
Technical Data:
Drilling foaming agent
Recommended dosage 
The recommended dosage of AS is 3 to 15 kg/m3 of total circulating mud volume. Maybe adjusted according to mixing water quality, ROP and foaming density. Slowly add the foaming agent with effectively running mixing pump.
Package and Storage
Package: 25Kg, 50 Kg, or 200 Kg plastic drum or 200 Kg powder coating steel drum or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Avoid moisture and damp. Don't pile up in the open air.
Shelf time: 2 year

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