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Product name : Silicone Antifoam Defoamers
Item : Defoamer Si
Type : Antifoam Defoamer
CAS : 63148-62-9
Application : Antifoam Agent, Mud Defoamer
Similar to : Flofoam, Silcolapse
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Packages : 25Kg, 50Kg, 200Kg
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Silicone antifoams and defoamers are new and efficient modified silicone defoaming agents for water based drilling mud systems. Silicone anti-foaming agents can prevent foam from forming, while silicone defoamers can maked existing foam collapsed rapidly. The primary active ingredients are polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and white carbon black. Silicones have low surface and interfacial tensions which enable them to flow easily over the film and make the foam wall thin and collapse. Bichain is a reliable polydimethylsiloxane PDMS manufacturer and supplier of silicone antifoam defoamer in oilwell drilling, cementing and fracturing. We provide high quality defoaming products at low polydimethylsiloxane prices for sale. CAS 63148-62-9.
►High defoaming speed
►High versatility performance
►Long durability in bubble suppression
►Economical and easy to use
►Wide applications in fresh water or brine mud systems.
Technical Data::
silicone antifoams defoamers
Recommended dosage 
can be used in freshwater, seawater, brine and saturated brine drilling fluid systems. Typical dosage is 0.2%-1% for each circulation.
Package and Storage
Package: 25Kg, 50 Kg, or 200 Kg plastic drum or 200 Kg powder coating steel drum or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Avoid moisture and damp. Don't pile up in the open air.
Shelf time: 1 year

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