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Product name : Aluminium Distearate
Item : Defoamer ASB
Type : Antifoam Defoamer
CAS : 300-92-5
Application : Antifoam Agent, Mud Defoamer
Similar to : Baker Hughes LD-8
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Packages : 25Kg, 50LB
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Aluminium distearate (also aluminum distearate, aluminium stearate base) is made of oleate and non-toxicity surfactants, which can be used primarily as an effective defoamer in water-based drilling mud systems. Aluminium distearate is a water insoluble defoamer and can reduce surface tension. Bichain is a reliable and professional anti-foaming agent manufacturer of aluminum distearate and aluminium distearate as mud defoamers in oilwell drilling mud and hydraulic fracturing.
Molecular formula: C36H71ALO5
CAS NO.: 300-92-5

♦Strong defoaming ability
♦Durable defoaming effectiveness
♦Easy to use and quick in effect 
♦Broad spectrum in water based drilling muds

Technical Data:
Aluminium aluminum distearate
Recommended dosage 
Aluminum distearate is water insoluble and should be mixed with diesel, glycol or alcohol before adding it to the drilling mud. Normal dosage in the drilling fluids is 15-30 Kg/m3 which can give adequate defoaming results.
Package and Storage
Package: 25Kg net weight WPP or PE bags or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Avoid moisture and damp. Don't pile up in the open air.
Shelf time: 2 years

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