Product name : Ammonium Bisulfite
Item : Scavanger Ammonium Bisulphite
Type : O2 Scavanger
CAS : 10192-30-0
QC : HG/T 2785-2012, BIC
Application : Oxygen Scavengers
Similar to : Noxygen, OS-1L
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Packages : 200L, 1000L
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Ammonium bisulfite solution (also ammonium bisulphite and bisulfite d'ammonium) is a clear light yellow liquid which can be used to remove entrained oxygen from drilling muds and completion Comparing with sodium bisulfite, ammonium bisulfite is more water soluble and can react with oxygen faster. But ammonium in the ammonium bisulfite solution can promote bacteria growth. As a salt of a weak base and a weak acid, ammonium bisulfite is only slightly basic at around pH 8. Ammonium bisulfite can be injected at the pump suction on a continuous basis to minimize atmospheric contact. Ammonium bisulfite oxygen scavenger also can function as a corrosion inhibitor by removing oxygen from drilling muds or completion fluid while circulating. Bichain is one of reliable ammonium bisulfite manufacturers and suppliers for ammonium bisulphite buyers as an oxygen scavenger in oil and gas drilling. We supply high quality ammonium bisulfite solution like Noxygen and OS-1L with detailed ammonium bisulfite msds and CAS 10192-30-0.
Technical Data:
ammonium bisulfite buyers spec
Mainly used in oilfield drilling, food production, printing and dyeing, medicine, photograph, electronic galvanizing, chemical agents, organic synthesis, etc
Package and Storage
Package: 200L plastic drum, 1000 L IBC-tank or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Ensure that packaging is completely sealed. Avoid moisture and damp.
Shelf time: 1 years
Recommended Dosage
As a rule of thumb, 60ppm of 65 wt% ammonium bisulfite is required to reduce the oxygen concentration in water from 9ppm to 50ppb.

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