Product name : Sodium Bisulfite
Item : Scavanger Sodium Bisulphite
Type : O2 Scavanger
CAS : 7631-90-5
QC : GB 25590-2010, HG/T 3814-2006, BIC
Application : Oxygen Scavengers
Similar to : OR-13
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Packages : 25Kg, 50Kg, 1000Kg
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Sodium bisulfite (also sodium bisulphite, bisulfite de sodium and sodium hydrogen sulfite) is a white crystal powder which can be used as an oxygen scavenger in oilfield seawater flooding. Sodium bisulfite facilitated by transition metal ion catalysts (e.g. cobalt sulfate (II) can be faster reacted with oxygen at higher temperatures. The catalyst in sodium bisulfite solution can accelerate the oxygen-scavenging process as a very short residence time is needed to scavange the oxygen from water systems. Sodium bisulfite oxygen scavenger does not contain phosphorous, carbon or nitrogen and it will not contribute to microbial growth in the water treatment systems. Catalysed sodium bisulphite can react with 1 ppm of oxygen. Bichain is one of reliable sodium bisulfite manufacturers and suppliers of bisulfite de sodium and sodium bisulphite as an oxygen scavenger in oil and gas drilling. Where to buy sodium bisulfite? We supply high quality sodium bisulfite products like OR-13 with detailed sodium bisulfite MSDS and CAS 7631-90-5.
Technical Data:
Sodium bisulfite suppliers spec
Mainly used in oilfield drilling, food production, printing and dyeing, medicine, photograph, electronic galvanizing, chemical agents, organic synthesis, etc
Package and Storage
Package: 25kg, 50kg lined plastic woven bag and 1000kg jumbo bags or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Ensure that packaging is completely sealed. Avoid moisture and damp.
Shelf time: 1 years
Recommended Dosage
During seawater flooding process, the dosage requirement of removing all the oxygen from raw seawater (ca. 8 ppm at 20°C) is thus estimated to be 160 ppm. A static mixer, mounted in the water stream, should be included in the system to ensure that rapid mixing of the oxygen scavenger takes place. This is particularly important due to the short residence time.

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