Product name : Sodium Sulphite
Item : Scavanger Sodium Sulfite
Type : O2 Scavanger
CAS : 7757-83-7
QC : GB 1886.8-2015, HGT 2967-2010, BIC
Application : Oxygen Scavengers
Similar to : Barascav D
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Packages : 25Kg, 50Kg, 1000Kg
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Sodium sulphite (also sodium sulfite and sulfite de sodium) is a white powder which can be as an oxygen scavenger for removing dissolved oxygen in water-based drilling mud systems. Sodium sulphite can be used in some brine muds and completion fluids to reduce corrosion resulting from dissolved oxygen. Hence sodium sulfite oxygen scavenger in oil and gas drilling can prevent and controll corrosion of down-hole tubulars and drill pipe. During enhanced oil recovery process, sodium sulphite can apparently increase the stability of XC polymer at high temperature. Bichain is one of reliable sodium sulphite manufacturers and suppliers of sulfite de sodium and sodium sulfite anhydrous as an oxygen scavenger in oil and gas drilling. Where to buy sodium sulfite at a low price? Contact us for detailed sodium sulfite msds with CAS 7757-83-7.
Technical Data:
Sodium sulphite price spec
Mainly used in oilfield drilling, food production, printing and dyeing, medicine, photograph, electronic galvanizing, chemical agents, organic synthesis, etc
Package and Storage
Package: 25kg, 50kg lined plastic woven bag and 1000kg jumbo bags or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Ensure that packaging is completely sealed. Avoid moisture and damp.
Shelf time: 1 years
Recommended Dosage
The recommended method of treatment is to mix 1 lb sodium sulphite per gallon of fresh water.

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