Product name : DBNPA Biocide
Item : Biocide DBNPA
Type : Oilfield Biocides
CAS : 10222-01-2
Application : Biocides, Microbial Control
Similar to : Dowicil qk-20, Dow Antimicrobial 7287
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Packages : 25Kg
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DBNPA (also 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide) is a white to yellow powder which can be used as a quick-kill biocide to control slime and microbial fouling in oil well, water treatment, paper mill and other industries. DBNPA biocide can easily be hydrolyzed under both alkaline and acidic conditions and quickly kill microorganism. After that, DBNPA will be degraded to ammonia and bromide ion. It is an excellent combination of rapid degradation and faster microbial kill at low ppm concentrations. Dowicil qk-20, one of DBNPA formulated products by 20% pruity with polyethylene glycol and water, is completely miscible with water and readily disperses into a waterborne system. DBNPA biocide can also be effectivly combinated with glutaraldehyde solution to control the microbial growth in cooling water systems. Bichain is one of reliable DBNPA manufacturer and supplier of DBNPA Biocide for oilfield water treatment. We supply high quality DBNPA products like Dowicil qk-20, Biobrom and Dow Antimicrobial 7287 with CAS 55566-30-8. Contact us for free DBNPA MSDS data.
Molecular Formula:  C3H2ON2Br2        
Molecular Weight: 241.84
Structural Formula:
DBNPA biocide formula
Technical Data:
DBNPA spec
DBNPA based antimicrobial product applications: 
♦Enhanced oil recovery systems
♦Pulp & paper mills
♦Cooling systems like recirculating cooling towers
♦Heat exchangers
♦Industrial water-purification like reverse osmosis (RO) 
♦Evaporative condensers 
♦Sewage systems
Package and Storage
Package: 25Kg carddrums with double PE inner bag or customers’ requirement. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment.
Shelf time: two years

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