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Product name : Glutaraldehyde Solution
Item : Glutaraldehyde
Type : Oilfield Biocides
CAS : 111-30-8
Application : Biocides, Microbial Control
Similar to : Ucarcide 50, Ucarcide 250
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Packages : 200Kg, 1000Kg
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Glutaraldehyde (also glutaraldehyd and glutaraldeido) is colorless or yellowish clear liquid which can be used in oil well drilling and other oilfield process. Our products include Glutaraldehyde 50% solution and Glutaraldehyd 25% solution. Both of them are broad-spectrum biocides which can be used in water flooding, drilling mud and other oil production process. Glutaraldehyde based disinfectant products achieve microbial control by disabling cell wall amino acids. Glutaraldehyde biocide performed much more rapidly than THPS, achieving significantly greater log reductions of seawater SRBs at same concentrations. Glutaraldehyde solution can be used together with other biocides such as BAC 80% and DDBAC. Bichain is one of reliable glutaraldehyde suppliers and manufacturers like glutaraldehyde 50glutaraldehyde 25 and other glutaraldehyde based disinfectants for oilfield water treatment. We supply high quality glutaraldehyde solution for oilfield buyers at low glutaraldehyde prices like ucarcide 50 and ucarcide 250. Contact us freely for detailed glutaraldehyde MSDS data with CAS 111-30-8.
Molecular weight:  100.12
Molecular Formula: C5H8O2
Structural Formula:
Glutaraldehyde 50 50% spec
Technical Data:
glutaraldehyde 50% 50 spec
►Water Flood Injection
Glutaraldehyde has an excellent stability in injected water and its biocidal efficacy is not affected in brines systems and hard water conditions. Hence this guarantees that glutaraldehyde's antimicrobial activity will not be diminished during long transportation in pipelines. In addition, glutaraldehyde biocide won’t interfere with corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers and other surfactants as it is non-ionic.
►Drilling, Workover, Completion and Fracturing Fluids
Glutaraldehyde solution is the most suitable biocide to preserve drilling muds and other oilfield fluids which are typically alkaline in pH.
►Produced Water
Glutaraldehyd does not react with H2S or other organic acids which is different from some other biocides (isothiazolones and formaldehyde). Its antimicrobial activity is not affected by these acids. This guarantees that all of the glutaraldehyde added in oilfield well remain focused to acting as a biocide against sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and acid producing bacteria (APB). SRB and APB are the most serious challenges for microbial contamination control in oilfield production systems. 
►Oil and Gas Transmission lines
Glutaraldehyde biocide has been shown to rapidly penetrate a biofilm and kill the microorganisms in the film. Due to its excellent penetrating ability and long-term stability in oilfield waters, glutaraldehyde has been an effective product to control established biofilms and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in pipelines.
►Gas and Hydrocarbon Storage Facilities
Glutaraldehyd can preferentially partition into the water phase and attack any microorganisms in the water bottoms of hydrocarbon storage tanks and gas storage facilities. These water bottoms can often be contaminated with SRB and form H2S in gas storage facility.
►Production Wells
Glutaraldehyde solution can control some microorganisms which are introduced into the production systems during the injection process of scale and corrosion inhibitors. It can reduce the occurrence of MIC in production equipment.
Package and Storage
Package: 200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L) or customers’ requirement. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment.
Shelf time: two years
Recommended Dosage
Oilfield injection water: 50 to 2500 ppm active for 4 hours on daily or weekly basis.
Drilling muds and other oilfield fluids: alkaline in pH, 25 to 500 ppm active.
Produced Water: 50 to 2500 ppm active for 4 hours on daily or weekly basis.

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