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Product name : API Hematite for Sale
Item : Oilfield Hematite
Type : Weighting Agents
CAS : 1309-37-1
QC : API 13A, ISO 13500
Application : Weight drilling muds, cement slurries
Similar to : Barodense, Densimix,
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Packages : 25Kg, 50Kg, 1000Kg
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Hematite (also haematite) is a high-density weighting agent which has a mica-like crystal structure ground to a particle size for use in drilling fluids. It has a specific gravity of above 5.05 g/cm3, which is 19% greater than the density of barite (4.2 g/cm3). Thus, for a given mud weight, a system weighted with hematite will contain fewer solids by volume. Hematite can improve mud rheological properties and penetration rate and decrease overall mud costs at the same time. Bichain is one of reliable API haematite and hematite suppliers and manufacturers as a weighting agent for oil well drilling. We supply high quality ground hematite for sale at low hematite prices like Barodense and Densimix.
Technical Data (API 13A / ISO 13500 standard):
Hematite Prices for Sale spec
Package and Storage
Package: 25kg lined plastic woven bag and 1000kg jumbo bags or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. Ensure that packaging is completely sealed. Avoid moisture and damp.
Shelf time: two years
Recommended Dosage
Hematite is used to obtain mud weights in excess of 20.0 ppg in water based drilling fluids, 19.0 ppg in oil based drilling fluids, or any time that exceptional control is required of solids percentage for rheology control.

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