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Product name : Wellbore Stabilizer FLCP 2000 Suppliers
Item : Oilfield FLCP 2000
Type : Lost Circulation Materials
CAS : 
Application : Lost Circulation, Seepage Control
Similar to : FLC 2000
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Packages : 25Kg, 50LB
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Wellbore stabilizer FLCP 2000 is a blend of heat-sensitive polyesters, modified biopolymers and composite fibers which can be used in ultra-low invasion fluids, ultra-low permeability drilling fluids, completion fluids and workover fluids. FLCP 2000 can load concentrating micelles on rocks' surface of borehole wall and can block major pore throats so as to form a compact membrane with non-infiltration permeability on the rocks' surface. Hence Wellbore stabilizer FLCP 2000 can effectively seal micro-cracks shale layers and different permeability stratums. It can completely separate drilling fluids and filtrate without penetration into the ground. FLCP 2000 can prevent drilling fluid loss and can improve the stability of wellbore. Bichain is one of reliable FLCP 2000 manufacturers and suppliers as a wellbore stabilizer in ultra-low invasion drilling fluids. We supply high quality product like FLC 2000 and LCP 2000 at cheap prices.
►Compatible with all water, oil and synthetic-based drilling mud systems
►High temperature resistance, stable at up to 204oC (400oF)
►Does not Affect mud rheological properties
►Easy removal by both acidizing and negative pressure plug
►Less formation damage to reservoir
►Biodegradable and eco-friendly
►Strengthen wellbore stability
High core permeability recovery rate >= 90%
Technical Data:
FLC 2000 spec
Mud Performance (comparing with competitors)
LCP 2000 Mud spec
Package and Storage
Package: 25kg, 50lb bags with three-layer composite bag (including Kraft paper, polypropylene woven bag and polyethylene) or packed according to the clients' requirements. Store in dry cool and ventilation environment. For prevention of moisture, it should be sealed and stored in dry shade.
Shelf time: two years
Recommended Dosage
Add FLCP 2000 directly into the active mud system to prevent low pore and microcracks and stengthen wellbore stability, the recommended concentration is 1.0-3.0% wt.
As for cracks above 1 mm, FLCP 2000 should be used with suitable walnut shell powder or other bridging materials, the recommended concentration is 2.0-4.0% wt.
For reservoir damage prevention, FLCP 2000 recommended concentration is 1.0-2.0% wt based on the sand bed invasion tests.

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